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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When it is raining, the decision to open or close the timelsot can only be made 10 minutes before the slot based on wether or not there is a lightning alert or thundery showers at that time, according to NEA. If there isn't, we can proceed with the session. 

    Please do not call us in advance with concerns of the current weather as we are not able to predict the exact weather scenario for your slot that is scheduled later in the day. 

    If customers have arrived and the slot is closed or gets closed during the first 30 mins of their session due to thunder/lightning alert, they will be able to fully reschedule their session to another day. 

    Alternatively, if it is raining heavily before your slot, you can simply reschedule your slots beforehand and not take the risk of making the trip with uncertainty. 


    How to reschedule a slot? 

    Simply whatsapp us at 91777812 with your:

    Order No & Reason for change 

    We will process a discount code within 48 hours and send you to use for a rebooking via our system. 

    The discount code will be of value of your Order which you have requested to reschedule. 

    If you are sending in a rescheduling request on a weekend, please note that you will receive a response by the end of Monday. 



    Swimming sessions last for an hour. However we provide a 15 minutes grace period after your one hour has ended, for you to clean up, pack up and feed your dog a snack if needed. 

    Safety is our utmost priority and we hope you understand our concern in ensuring that all visitors exit the park during the grace period in order for us to prevent overcrowding and dafaulting the safe distancing measures during this period. 

    Yes! We strongly encourage all guests to be with their dogs in the pool at all times and to keep their eyes on them throughout the session. Wag & Wild will not bear any responsiblity for incidents that occur. Please help us promote safety as our biggest priority. 

    With the purchase of an entry ticket for your dog, you are entitled to two free human entries. However, you will be allowed to buy additional guest tickets at $6 per additional guest. 

    We have an open shower facility for dogs to use. Guests will need to bring their own Soap and Shampoo for their furkid. 

    We also provide power sockets outside the facility, so guests can bring their own blow dryers to use at this station. 

    For humans, we have a changing area inside our premises. We do not have enclosed showers for humans. 

    • A hat for yourself
    • Soap and shampoo for your dog
    • Towels to dry your dog 
    • Thrash bag to clean up after your dog
    • Food treats for your dog after swimming 
    • Your dogs' leash
    • Toys you may want to play with your dog (Ball, floating toys etc)  
    • A blow dryer to use at our provided power sockets outside the park if needed 

    Yes, we restrict the number of tickets sold in each timeslot to ensure we do not face overcrowding. When you purchase a ticket, after selecting a date, you will be able to see the number of slots left for each session. Our goal is to ensure enough space for the doggos to play freely and safely at all times.



    Most dogs naturally start "dog paddling" when they are put into water. However we strongly encourage you to accompany your dog in the pool at all times to be assured of their safety.